1974Award from Sällskapet Stallbröderna
1975 Award plaque from the Royal Conservatory in Stockholm
The Cultural Award of Uppsala municipality
The Eric Ericson Award
1979The Torgny Segerstedt Award
1981Award from the Inge & Einar Rosenborgs Foundation
1988Award from Allmänna Sången
Honorary member of Allmänna Sången
The Hugo Alfvén Prize
The Creative Prize of Uppsala Meeting
The Honorary Medal of the Association of Swedish Choirs
The music prize In Memory of Wilhelm Peterson-Berger
1990The Johannes Norrby Medal
Honorary member of Gästrike-Hälsinge Nation, Uppsala
1991Honorary member of Upplands Nation, Uppsala
1993Conductor of the year in Sweden
1994Award from The Friends of Hagegården
Honorary member of the Göteborg Symfoniker
The Honorary Medal of Uppsala municipality
2003The Peter Cornelius Medal in Rheinland-Pfalz
The Honorary Award of Uppsala municipality
2004His Majesty.s, The King of Sweden, Medal of the 8th grade with blue ribbon
2006The Orden of Gasse from Guldberg Male Choir, Oslo
Honorary member of Fachverband Deutscher Berufschorleiter
2008The Gustaf Adolf Medal in gold from Uppsala University
The Alf Henrikson Prize


1986 - 88Member of the board in the Association of Swedish Choir Conductors
1987 - 95Member of the board in the Association of Swedish Choirs
1981 - 2003Member of the music commission in The Nordic Choir Committee
1991 - 2000Member of the music commission in Europa Cantat
1994 - 97Member of the presidium of Europa Cantat
2006 - 08Member of the board in the Association of Swedish Choirs